We hold the estate sale in your home over the course of 2 days. It usually take 7 days to set up the estate, taking everything out of closets, drawers, cabinets, boxes, etc., then clean, display, price merchandise, photograph and post the items and promote the sale. We leave the house clean and all trash disposed of. The commission for the average sized home is one-third of gross sales.

For those who cannot hold an estate sale due to HOA restrictions, we offer “By Appointment Only” sales, whereby we set up exactly like an estate sale but customers come by previously scheduled appointment. This type of sale takes longer, because the amount of customers coming to the house is restricted and because prices are not lowered until a few days later. Consequently, our commission is slightly higher due to the extended selling time.

If you only have a few items to sell, Consignments may be the best way to liquidate these items. A full description of the merchandise and photos are posted to our website and others, as well as notification of these items sent to our extensive email list and other customers. It is possible they may also be put up for auction or in a gallery, allowing for a wider market. Small items can be stored on our premises during the contract period. However, large items will remain in your home or storage facility and I will bring customers by appointment. Our usual arrangement is for 60-90 days.

Often, when there are high end antiques or collectibles in an estate, selling them through an estate sale may not be the best strategy for liquidating that item. Selectively placing your valuables to the specialization of the correct auction house generates the best financial outcome.

Our Auction Liaison Service consigns and places your treasured item or collections with the appropriate auction houses and collaborates on auction sales strategies for high valued merchandise. We conduct our own research and have established solid relationships with auction houses internationally. Consequently, we are able to generate the highest possible auction results for our clients and the estates we work with.

For fiduciaries, banks, attorneys, executors and individuals, we provide professional Estate Appraisals, based on the current secondary market value (aka fair market value), including high end items that may have increased in value. We submit a spreadsheet enumerating the item name or title, description and value, along with a number corresponding to a photo of that item. The data is organized by location (i.e. Living Room, Master Bedroom, etc.), making it easier to find the items when it comes time to distribute them. Any alterations or special needs can be accommodated. Our fee is based on an hourly charge.

With our excellence in staging estate sales, we are now offering our services in rearranging your home’s living quarters using the existing items already there. Moving, deleting or adding furniture and home accessories to create a more visually pleasing design can make your old items appear refreshed, construct more efficient space and balance to each room. Depending on the amount of rooms you want done, the process can take from a couple of hours to a day or two. Fees are by the hour. Free consultation.

If you need items packed and shipped to other locations, we can provide this service using the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, motor and air carriers. Fees are an hourly charge plus costs of materials.


For additional information on any of the above SERVICES, please contact me at or call (520)544-0838.