Here is the most important part of this review: this company went WAY above and beyond the call to fix a mistake that was completely mine and mine alone. They did not have to, they took the initiative to do so. I am so very grateful and impressed with how they handled every aspect of our business. We were give expert advice on how to prepare. We were give realistic (and very accurate) expectations. We were kept up to date and always knew exactly what was going on, which brought a lot of peace of mind as we are out of state. We were paid without delay and closed up the account very neatly. Our experience was 100% positive.

James Frazier

Thank you very much, Bonnie, for the excellent estate sale that you managed for me.  The entire process was professional and productive.  You explained everything to me in detail and executed everything on time.  The bottom line result was much higher than I had expected.

I will certainly use your services again if the need arises.

Dudley Bourne

We used Bonnie and her company recently for a single family home estate sale in Oro Valley. They did a fantastic job and we were very pleased. We were selling a home we inherited from our parents and needed a full service company that could handle both the estate sale of all contents and getting the home completely empty. Communication was very important as we do not live in AZ and they did a great job keeping us informed and getting our input and approval as we requested. 

Highly recommended.

Don & Nora Billow


This looks great! I really can't thank enough you for everything you have done. I just got off the phone with M and she said, "You picked the best estate sale person EVER, I mean EVER!" She went on to explain all of the things that you do that other estate people do not do and how much she appreciated working with you. I think you may have gone the extra mile for M and I really appreciate it as does she.

As you know, this has been a very difficult time for M (due to the accident and brain injury) . . .M is an extremely intelligent, strong and independent woman. She is always in control. M had a high-powered executive career where she worked day and night, kept a lot of balls in the air and her brain fired rapidly at all times. For her to have to let others do things for her, struggle to keep thoughts moving, have difficulty with speech and visual disturbances all while giving up any hope of continuing her career has been devastating. She feels as though she has lost herself.  . . before this time I cannot remember ever seeing M cry except when there was a death in the family.

In the last few months I have seen M cry when she talks about not being able to find herself and I have made her cry with my words as we struggled to communicate while sorting out her life and her things. I do not feel good about that. However, you have been amazing in how you have treated her, maintained your professionalism, given her kindness and patience, and been all of the things I could not be. It has been comforting to me to know that while I could not be what she needed me to be during this time, at the very least I had done one good thing and that was to find you for her. The estate sale was my idea and I was so nervous when she left that in my hands. Originally she had told me she did not want to communicate with whomever was handling the estate sale, she wanted me to do it all as she could not handle one more person or one more ball to juggle. However, the way that you handled your business and your interactions with her immediately gave her confidence. I could tell from the first phone call when M was on the speaker phone that she trusted you and she dropped her resistance to talking with you right away. The call on the second day when you explained what you would do and what you needed was even more reassuring and from that point forward M was on board with direct communication with you and I was free to step out of that process. I have not heard one complaint from her about you, and you may not understand what a big compliment that is. . . Her current disability and inability to handle things herself have led to increased frustration with others who don't live up to her standards when she has to let them handle things for her. That has not been a problem at all with you.

. . . I wanted you to know that you have been the bright spot and may even be helping to healing wounds I have caused with my own impatience and inability to meet M's standards. Thank you so much, Bonnie.

R. A.

Oh my goodness, Bonnie!  The "wow" factor is very high! You did a phenomenal job on staging the items in the house. I've never seen anything like it at an estate sale.


We want to thank Bonnie and her staff for the hard work they put in handling our estate sale.  We sold the house and didn't need the what to do?  Bonnie came to the rescue.  Our realtor, Brenda O'Brien, gave us Bonnie's name and the rest is history.  Bonnie came to the house, went over the contract and what she needed from us.  I was a little concerned because we had to leave the house while they staged and priced the furnishings, etc.....after I saw what was involved, I understood why we couldn't be there.   

Start to finish, the process went very smoothly, and they certainly earned their commission...and we earned more than we could have ever done on our own. They also left the house in good condition after all was removed.  They even took the few things not sold to a charity, for which we got credit.  

I had lots of questions and Bonnie was so reassuring and always kept in touch.

We would highly recommend anyone who needs an estate sale to use Bonnie Frederics, Arizona Estate Sales and Liquidations.

Carol Butryn

"I highly recommend Bonnie Frederics and Arizona Estate Sales & Liquidations if you need an Estate Sale service. There are numerous Estate Sale companies to choose from and I telephoned interviewed 6 or 7 of them and personally met with 3 companies. Bonnie was genuinely caring, extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and walked me through the process in detail to explain how the Sale is handled. Her expenses/commission were explained up front and well-earned with all the work and detail that went into making the Estate Sale a success. I can't say enough about her caring staff either, as they discovered and saved for us several sentimental notes our family had overlooked. Thank you again Bonnie!”

Bill R.

You have a great company with fun employees. You work hard and are a square shooter. I look forward to your next sale!


Hi Bonnie--I have been remiss in saying how much I enjoyed meeting you and working with you--don't know how I would have managed without you!! Your smile and work ethic are wonderful.  Thanks for making my move enjoyable and manageable--thanks for helping me sell a lot of my furniture, etc., made money to enable me to pick out new things for my apartment and then helped me clean out what was left.  Thanks again--love you lady😍😊

Donna J.

For all of you who need help, honest help and would like to have an estate sale please contact Bonnie and her outstanding team. I was reluctant at first thinking "Why should I give someone 33% commission to sell what I have accumulated in my lifetime". I'll tell you why; they stage the house to perfection, they research your valuables and care about getting top dollar. These are truly professional salespersons who do it all. That's why I chose them.

Bonnie sits with you and discusses her expectations and sometimes it's hard to swallow because we all think that because it is "OUR VALUABLES" they are worth more than what the market will bring. Well, in my case I had expectations myself and when she explained reality to me my Adams Apple swelled. I had no choice; I had to leave, had no time to be dawdling.  I signed the contract, left on business and 3 weeks later I received a check for even more than I thought I would ever receive!  

So, for those who are hesitant I give permission to Bonnie to give you my information and I invite you to call me. You will be grateful hiring Bonnie and "the team".

Thank you Bonnie, I'm in your debt.

Larry Brocker

Bonnie:  You have done a wonderful job.  I would recommend your services any day.  Thank you for all you have done.


Hi Bonnie,

Loved your blog. Fun stories from your sales. Nothing better than having the fire department shopping your sales. Bet it attracted more customers from the neighborhood.

Always enjoy your sales and the goodies offered. No one else does estate sales better. We've been to others and the people are not as cheerful and friendly as you and your ladies and gentlemen.

Enjoying the mattresses we bought at your SaddleBrook sale a little over a year ago, and many other gadgets, kitchen items, etc. 

Keep up the great work.

Mary and Mike Boggia

I would like to comment on the great experience that I had with Bonnie and her team with my recent Estate Sale. They were so organized and professional. The sale was a great success and that is due in part to Bonnie's hard work! I highly recommend this company!


Dear Bonnie,

You can count on me for future referrals – you and your staff did a terrific job with the estate sale at Squash Blossom Lane!

Warm regards,

Linda Lou Duddek


Bonnie handled our estate sales perfectly.  She made us more money than I thought possible, and even found an old painting that she auctioned for an extra bonus.  I would trust Bonnie with another estate sale.

Thank You

David Weed

Dear Bonnie,

Please accept my personal thanks for your excellent work in handling the appraisal of items in my mother's estate and in the sale of items. Your professionalism and responsiveness made this difficult process much easier, especially as I live outside the area. I was equally grateful for your guidance on what to expect throughout the process.

Thank you again and sincere regards, 
Sherry Keramidas, PhD, FASAE, CAE

Good morning Bonnie,

Your Estate Sales are the BEST! I can honestly say, yes you sell good quality and condition and fair prices as well.  And your people are always very polite and very helpful, and always with a great smile on their faces...

Best regards,


Bonnie, thank you so much for everything. The results are great news! Glad it was successful for both of us. We will be happy to recommend your services to anyone - use us as a reference if you like.

Chris & Bill Durboraw

Rocky Point, Sonora

AZ Estate Sales and Bonnie are worth their weight in gold!  Being out of state, Bonnie handled our very delicate and difficult situation with utmost professionalism and sensitivity.  Under her care she guided me thru, step by step in helping me liquidate my brother’s estate.  Bonnie is fast, courteous and efficient, all wrapped in kindness.  I cannot say enough to convey my thankfulness and trust in Bonnie or her company!     

I can’t say thank you enough.

Warmest regards,

Linda S in Arkansas

I was overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done to clear out the belongings in my mother's home.  Bonnie Frederics arrived to save the day, with clear & compassionate communication about what she could do and how it would work.  I live in another state and during the process she kept in frequent touch with me with clear communication and even sent me belongings that I had overlooked, and she allowed me to make important decisions.  Everything occurred as she promised.  In addition, she worked with my realtor and painting contractor so things went smoothly.  I am very grateful for her professional assistance, I could have not managed without her.

Linda Ramsey

Thanks Bonnie, I appreciate all your efforts. It was a very successful sale. I told my attorney that I wholeheartedly recommended you for any of his clients needing estate sales.  I hope you receive business from him.

Sandi W.

We sold our house very quickly and then panicked because the new owner did not want any of our furniture.  Suddenly we had less than a month to dispose of 3500 square feet of furnishings!  Our realtor, Brenda O'Brien of Long Realty, recommended we contact Bonnie and we are so happy we did.  She is everything that her web site promises.  Bonnie was highly organized, worked extremely hard and handled the sale of our furniture with tact and poise.  She kept us informed every step of the way and met each potential buyer, one at a time, at our house so that we did not have to have an "open house" type of estate sale (which our gated community would not allow).  Everything sold very quickly.  When Bonnie presented us with the check we were so surprised because the amount was almost triple what we guessed it would be.

My husband and I heartily recommend Bonnie Frederics for anything you want to sell.  She is terrific!

Nicole Whitenight

September 28, 2012

Dear Ms. Frederics,

I want to thank you for the superior services your company, Arizona Estate Sales and Liquidations LLC, provided in the estate sale at my aunt’s residence.  As the residence is located far across the country, the thought of an estate sale brought trepidation. You eased my worries and expediently accomplished the task. Your company took care with my aunt’s treasured possessions and treated them with respect. The sale was professionally conducted. After the sale, the residence was clean and orderly. The neighbors offer no complaints and enjoyed participating in the sale.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

I'm happy to recommend the services of Bonnie Frederics and Arizona Estate Sales and Liquidations LLC.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Cheryl L. Ewbank

Co-personal representative

Estate of Carol J. Ward

Roanoke, IN

Bonnie, I am absolutely thrilled at the result of Aunt Carol's estate sale.  Cheryl and I are so delighted.  Thank you so much for all of your talented efforts. I hope you land more business in Sun City due to Aunt Carol's estate sale. 

Kind regards,

Nancy Fisher Matthews


Thanks for your hard work. The Estate Sale was a great success because of your effort and experience. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.


My best,

Jane Gaver


You did a great job for us. You and your staff were very professional and helpful. Thank you for all your hard work. I’ll most certainly recommend you to anyone I know if they are doing an estate sale. 

Paul St. Clair


Hi Bonnie,

We are very appreciative of your efforts and for everything you've done for us. Thanks for your concern and follow-up. You did a great job!!!

Al & Teri McMichael

Hi Bonnie,

I just want to let you know that I was very satisfied with your service and that you made things a bit easier for me in a very difficult time.  I found you and your staff highly professional and caring at the same time and the result of the estate sale was better than expected.

Great job, thank you.
Ralf Weber

I am the Successor Trustee to a multi-million dollar Trust. Recently, while executing and apportioning its assets to the beneficiaries, I had the pleasure of working with Arizona Estate Sales and Liquidations, LLC. Bonnie Frederics is the owner and I could not have hired a more professional person to accomplish this task.

The final sale of the Trust’s personal assets has taken a full year.  During this time, Ms. Frederics provided the most professional and expedient assistance in the process of liquidating these assets. I would receive weekly reports, presented in a spreadsheet format, noting the sales of each item that was assessed and sold. Ms. Frederics also kept me apprised verbally. I could not have hired a more professional company, backed by an extremely ethical owner who took great care when dealing with family heirlooms.

In the future, I will only work with Arizona Estate Sales and would recommend Ms. Frederics and her company to anyone working with estates and trusts.

Tom Staab

Owner, AZ Senior Assistance Provider, LLC 

Thank you Bonnie - I appreciate all of your help and assistance through this difficult time. 

T. McKeever

Thank you so much Bonnie for all your hard work.  I am happy with everything and know my parents are too.


Susan Toulouse


Thank you so very much for much for your kindness and valuable assistance in this complicated and very trying matter. You will never know the appreciation and gratitude that our family will forever hold for your kindness.

Again, thank you very much.

Ray Robinson

I was very pleased with the professionalism and dedication that Bonnie gave to me during her liquidation of my estate sale. She showed me her knowledge, did a great deal of research and kept in touch with me throughout the entire process. I was extremely pleased with the results and would do this all over again. Bonnie was a valuable find for me and having a professional work on my behalf made a huge difference through this process. Thank you Bonnie!  

Susan Gomez/Tucson, AZ 

Hi Bonnie,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great job that you did with my mother's recent estate sale!  My mom had a stroke a few months back and was no longer able to live alone.  We were left with the overwhelming job of liquidating her belongings so that her house could be made available to rent.  We found your website and after talking with you, we were convinced that your company was the answer to help us in getting the job done.  You did everything that you said you would do.  The sale was very professionally presented and executed.  You did all that was advertised and more.  You gave us peace of mind by handling everything from organizing, to pricing, to the selling of so many items.  It was truly a pleasure to do business with someone who is honest; and who is able and willing to handle a very difficult job in a short period of time.  Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.  Our family will always be grateful to you for a job well done.

Sincere Best Wishes,

Deb Taylor,

Tucson, AZ

Recently Arizona Estate Sales held a sale of my deceased brother’s home furnishings. As the personal representative of the estate, I contacted more than one firm handling estate sales.  I was most impressed with Bonnie’s down to earth presentation of her company’s ability to assist me in what could have been an arduous task.  The facts as laid out were clear and straight forward. 

The results were even more impressive.  Arizona Estate Sale did all of the work promised.  I could never have run a smoother operation.  Hours of time were saved while each item in the sale was thoughtfully marketed to network of proven buyers.  In short, the final results exceeded what was offered.

Bonnie is highly recommended to all, including my out of town family who one day will be looking for help with my assets.

John Cieslinski


My family and I really appreciate what you folks at Arizona Estate Sales & Liquidations, LLC did for us.  Being in Tucson from out of town (Long Beach, CA) my sister and I faced the daunting task of liquidating my Mother’s household items after her death in Oct. 2008.  We did not know how we were going to get everything done until a friend recommended your company.  What a relief!!  You really took the pressure off of us and made the sale of those items easy.  We also appreciate the fact that you kept us informed during the whole process and were very prompt with getting the proceeds from the sale to us.  We would recommend you to anyone.


Again, thank you so much,

David Leonard 

Thanks Bonnie, so much for all of your hard work during this tough market!  I know you were very patient waiting on this contract and we appreciate your understanding. We are very pleased with your efforts.


L. Clifton

Arizona Estate Sales took the burden off my shoulders and sold items I never thought anyone else would want. They are extremely trustworthy, finding jewelry I didn't even know about and brought to my attention so I could decide whether to include it in the estate sale or keep it as a sentimental remembrance. Bonnie and her staff did an excellent job for me and my family and I would recommend her company to everyone.

Denney Summers

I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave to my sister and I while we were closing up mom and dad's house.  The whole situation was stressful but made easier with your wealth of contacts and resources. Again, thank you.
Forever grateful,