If you have fine jewelry, sterling silver flatware and hollowware, fine art, rare collectibles and other highly valuable items, I’ll consult with an appropriate top auction house to see whether the item would do significantly better at auction. There is no cost for this service. If I do not sell the item at your estate sale for within or higher than the estimates quoted by the appraiser, the item will be entered into their next appropriate auction. There is no extra commission, but the possibility of a much higher outcome. You will receive a copy of any paperwork between the auction house and myself, a copy of the catalog in which your item appears and a copy of the check sent to me with a check for your share of the proceeds.


As a licensed dealer, silver and gold assayers pay us more for spot prices (melt value) than they pay a non-dealer. In the event your non-auction sterling or gold does not sell at your estate sale for better than spot price, I will liquidate it via my assayers so that we get the most for the item.  You will get a copy of their detailed invoice along with your check.

Please do not make the mistake of selling your precious metal items (gold, silver, platinum) to local jewelers or pawn shops without checking with me first so I can give you an estimate of what I can get you.